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Privacy Policy

  1. and researchers on our platform will not retain, use or share any individual-level sequencing, surveys, or other information except as explicitly allowed in this section.
  2. Researchers and every entity retaining or using individual-level information will publicly register with and create a cryptographic identity which only they control.
  3. Researchers will announce every instance of every data sharing of individual-level information on with a minimum of 60 days’ advanced notice.
  4. and researchers will announce every instance of data loss or unintentional sharing immediately and publicly on
  5. and researchers will destroy all individual-level information it controls within 90 days unless it can confirm current use permission through and researchers will perform this check at least once every 30 days.
  6. Every program participant will anonymously register with and create a cryptographic identity which only they control. And participants will initially allow researchers full access to retain, use and share their individual information.
  7. Note that is based on blockchain and permissions are registered directly by participants using cryptographic identities which only they control – this means that, including its employees, is unable to impersonate, Logo

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