Let’s make privacy great again!

We are just starting the curve of what we can do with DNA sequencing.

  • Ancestry (human, animal & plants)

  • Early breast cancer detection and treatment

  • Metabolism improvements

  • Personalized medicine (pharmacogenomics)

  • Epigenetics (wellness)

  • Thousands to come…

It’s yours, but it’s not.

Labs and others are spending $$$$ in research with DNA sequences.
One of those they bought might be yours.

Companies charge you for a result AND keep the rights to sell your DNA for up to 100 Years.
If something new comes along, you have to pay again for the sequencing (and again sign away your rights).

First Anonymous DNA Saliva Kit with Blockchain.

Our Patent Pending DNA Saliva Kit, will allow our users to participate and take advantage of the Genomic Revolution maximizing privacy by using Blockchain Networks to keep track of all the data sets and Genomic Reports (insights) without exposing their personal data!


Genobank = Personal Control.

56% of people believe they have a right to access their own personal genomic information without going through a healthcare provider

By controlling your sequence in a transparent way, you decide who, how and when accesses your profile

  • Buy test results of your DNA for early disease identification
  • Sell your profile to interested companies
  • Donate to accelarate scientific discoveries
  • Track a serialized set of your sequence to see how it changes in time

Beta Program!

Please join our Beta Test program.

(Only 96 people per cohort only for US based users)

Your DNA data is yours, we will never share or sell your data with any third party company, government or anyone without your consent. This Beta program is “Research only”.

Core TEAM.

Daniel Uribe

MBA, IT & Cybersecurity
Serial Entrepreneur & Angel Investor (Blockchain).
Singularity U EP 2015, Stanford EP 2013.
[email protected]

Everardo J. Barojas

Healthcare Technology and Blockchain expert.
[email protected]everardo-j-barojas-m-b80610aa

Gabriel Manjarrez

Serial entreprenuer and advisor.
[email protected]

Jochen Kumm

Advisor in Genomics and AI
[email protected]

Carlos Bustamante

Professor of Biomedical Data Science, Genetics, Biology at Stanford University
[email protected]


Prof. Jose Blanchet

Associate Professor Columbia University in the City of New York
[email protected]

Jean Lombard

PMP Project & Comms Manager
[email protected]

Isis Eich

[email protected]

Brankica Stefanovic

Brankica Stefanovic

Marketing Advisor
[email protected]

Be part of the Genomic Revolution
with Privacy and Control of your BioData.