Animal Pedigree Verification and Certification

We use digital records to attest DNA test results and nucleotide permutations (traits) qr animal pedigree

Blockchain Verifiable Records

Our verifiable records directly connect DNA test results to livestock tag identifiers. All records are timestamped and immutable. They are cryptographically signed by the issuing laboratory to prevent alteration. Logo

Here are Animal Pedigree Use Cases

We've made it simple to verify the authenticity of the breed and ancestry of animals


Laboratories enrolled with create a cryptographic identity which is used to attest all test results.

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Somos Biobank is building the first and largest Pan American Biobank. Working closely with indigenous communities and Latinos through collaborative science.

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Portunus produces biomaterials and prototypes technologies based on the cutting edge research of the biological sciences.

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Arion Genetica

AriĆ³n Genetica offers you molecular tests and rapid tests for the detection of the SARS-CoV-2 virus that causes COVID19.



Improve health and quality of life in Mexico, through an ethical, competitive medical diagnosis sector that is attentive to technological advances.

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