About Us

What is GenoBank.io?

GenoBank.io is the first anonymous DNA Test kit with blockchain

Our Patent Pending DNA Saliva Kit, will allow our users to participate and take advantage of the Genomic Revolution maximizing privacy by using Blockchain Networks to keep track of all the data sets and Genomic Reports (insights) without exposing their personal data!

GenoBank.io = Personal Control

56% of people believe they have a right to access their own personal genomic information without going through a healthcare provider

By controlling your sequence in a transparent way, you decide who, how and when accesses your profile

  • Buy test results of your DNA for early disease identification
  • Sell your profile to interested companies
  • Donate to accelarate scientific discoveries
  • Track a serialized set of your sequence to see how it changes in time

Our Vision

We are democratizing Genomic data by using blockchain to ensure people have the most secure, private and have full control of their BioData.

News & Updates

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