Did your health records get hacked yet?

March 18, 2021


5 reasons how GenoBank.io helps prevent with future hacks

health records


GenoBank.io is well-known and trusted—everybody has heard of us and trusts that we manage the business honestly, but nobody has heard of preLink. (Juan needs to make this a reality)

Proven Tech

GenoBank.io certificates prove that no forward-dating occurred—this is proved using blockchain's security


If GenoBank.io blockchain security is hacked you will know about—because the front page of every newspaper will show Bitcoin and Ethereum went from USD 1 trillion to zero; but if preLink is hacked you will probably never know


GenoBank.io does NOT have any customer details—preLink can be hacked/subpoenaed/sold and all laboratory's data will be compromised

Data Privacy First

GenoBank.io certificates are stored by the patient—but the preLink certificate is stored on their server. This means preLink knows every time each patient is traveling, where they are, which airport they are boarding, and which governments are scanning their certificates.

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