Does the laboratory share my information?


Only with your permission.

The laboratory will send any lab results to you, encrypted using the random 12 words you generate during activation. (This is called end-to-end encryption.)

After receiving the results, you may allow or deny the laboratory to hold your results. If you deny, the laboratory must destroy all your lab results and biospecimens. (Denial may take up to 30 days, because laboratories must find out about it and implement it.)


If you did not have the laboratory destroy the results and they would like to use your results for a research study, or any purpose, it must request permission using If this will be shared with another party (a "derivative permission"), that party must be registered with And you may deny this permission at any time.

Then after a period of time, if you have not denied the request, then the other party will have access to your lab results and/or biosample. And the process continues.

Any time that you deny a permission on your lab results or biosample, then all "derivative permissions" are also denied, recursively.

At all times, the complete list of people with permission to use your biosample is published on the blockchain. Any laboratory that keeps or shares information when denied would be in violation of their agreement. And does offer financial incentives for employees at that laboratory to provide evidence of this wrongdoing which would lead to a lawsuit and payment of penalty.

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