is Proud to Announce a Partnership with Bustamante Lab

June 3, 2021

Summary is proud to announce a partnership with Bustamante Lab, a new research and development laboratory in Hialeah. In a statement, Bustamante said that he doesn’t want data to be a “mote,” but rather “it should be the energy fueling discovery, and that means letting it flow to where we most need it to answer a specific question. We’re thrilled to partner with [] to try these approaches in the real world.” partnership

Bustamante will develop a platform for sequencing SARS-COV2. This platform will enable researchers to monitor the different strains of the virus, identify how variants are spread, and better understand how the virus affects infected people.

By combining each other's strengths, and Bustamante Labs will empower and accelerate research with ground breaking data while preserving people's privacy. uses blockchain technology in the form of 'BioNFTs'. This tokenization of genomic data empowers users to become the owners and controllers of their DNA. Testing services like Hispanic-focused genetics company, SOMOS, have worked with’s service because it gets them off the hook for storing data. That’s because users are the ultimate owners and simply license these testing services to use and analyze their data without aggregating it.

With's solution, users do not need to have, or pay for, any type of storage. They are able to store their genomic data in one of the various decentralized databases of the world-wide network of BioNFTs. Through their token, they can gain access to all this valuable genetic data they will require in the future.

There is currently a growing trend of using blockchain tech to democratize access to genetic databases. A decentralized approach has opened many doors to the research community and to the community in order to access genetic data with a minimum of red tape as well as providing secure systems that are immune to cyber-attacks. The fact that all genomic data will be stored in a decentralized system and accessible through this software is a revolutionary feature offered by to all users. team and its blockchain platform will be continuing to work towards further optimizing the overall process of using’s token in the future. They will be also expanding their research activities so that the company can continue to offer a wide range of decentralized services.

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