& Laboratory/Biobank Memorandum of Understanding

November 20, 2020


Our goal is to protect your privacy and both of our laboratories and research partners understand it. We all have an agreement and sign a contract to insure your personal data is protected from being intentionally shared and lost by laboratories or us.

We keep 100% transparency with our customers. Learn more below. & Laboratory/Biobank Memorandum of Understanding

This document is a sample agreement that (“”) and a laboratory/biobank (“Laboratory”) would execute so as to enable processing of an pseudonymous donor’s (“👤 Donor”) biometric information/biosamples (“🔐 Private Items”).

In the interest of onboarding new laboratories and donors into the platform, business transparency, and earning the trust of all parties involved, this document is published at [](

Legal status

  1. This document only records the key interests of, Laboratory and 👤 Donor.
  2. A further document, a contract, will be executed between and Laboratory taking into account local laws and other more specific details as needed.

Relationship with 👤 Donor

*Although this understanding is between only and Laboratory, both parties recognize that protecting and respecting 👤 Donor will generate business opportunities that are unavailable through other business models.*

  1. Every 👤 Donor will pseudonymously register with and create a cryptographic identity which only they control. And 👤 Donor will initially allow a laboratory (not necessarily Laboratory) full access to retain, use and share their individual information.
  2. At all times, 👤 Donor must be able to find the complete list of places its 🔐 Private Items exists.
  3. At all times, 👤 Donor must be able to opt-out of any use of its 🔐 Private Items.
  4. Every use or sharing of 🔐 Private Items must be authorized directly by its 👤 Donor or indirectly through a party 👤 Donor has authorized.
  5. Laboratory will routinely destroy all 🔐 Private Items unless it can produce evidence that it has current authorization as documented with
  6. 👤 Donor, and anybody providing enabling evidence will be paid cash damages by Laboratory if it will be proven that 🔐 Private Items were held without authorization.
  7. Cash damages afforded in this agreement will be in addition to any other remedies that may be provided by law and statute.
  8. If 👤 Donor will develop trust in the platform, they will share more 🔐 Private Items with 🧪 Laboratory, buy more diagnostic studies and be a better customer.

Data governance policy for Laboratory

  1. Laboratory will not retain, use or share any 🔐 Private Items except as explicitly allowed in this agreement.
  2. Laboratory and every entity retaining or using 🔐 Private Items will publicly register with and create a cryptographic identity which only they control.
  3. Laboratory will announce every instance of every data sharing of 🔐 Private Items on with a minimum of 60 days’ advanced notice.
  4. Laboratory will announce every instance of data loss or unintentional sharing immediately and publicly on 🧬
  5. Laboratory will destroy all 🔐 Private Items it controls within 90 days unless it can confirm current use permission through Laboratory will perform this check at least once every 30 days.
  6. is based on blockchain and permissions are registered directly by 👤 Donor using cryptographic identities which only they control – this means that, including its employees, is unable to impersonate, censure or alter anything from 👤 Donor.

Bonding and data loss payments

  1. Laboratory will fund an up-front paid insurance policy listing as additional insured which is payable in the event of data loss or misuse by Laboratory.
  2. The value of the bond shall be at least `USD XXX`.
  3. Laboratory shall pay in each event of data loss of misuse the amounts:
  4. USD XXX` per improper retention of a single 🔐 Private Items item.
  5. shall hold the amounts in escrow for payment to 👤 Donor and anybody providing enabling evidence, as needed.

Platform participation payments

  1. Laboratory will pay a quarterly fee for participating on the platform:
  2. USD XXX` per calendar quarter.

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