Can My Payment Be Traced to My DNA?


You are skeptical that because you are paying with a credit card that your identity can be traced to your DNA that is tested.

A skeptical customer is our favorite customer! Let's walk through how we avoid attributing you.

First, the easiest thing is to purchase our DNA kit by having your friend buy it for you. That makes things real simple. Also, please see our blog for updates about how we can accept payment using Bitcoin and other crypto payments.

Physical Products

For our physical products, like the DNA Collection Kit we introduce privacy into our fulfillment process. To do this, we insert the unique biosample QR codes inside each package at the time of manufacturing, which results in the box being shrink wrapped. The boxes sit on our shelf arranged only by lot (to manage expiration dates). Then during fulfillment, a box is taken off the shelf and mailed to you. We have zero association between you as a paying customer and the serial number inside the box that we send out.

Digital Products

For our digital products, like the Privacy Upgrade Kit for your 23andMe® kit we also avoid collection correlating information from the payment to the biosample identifier. But to be honest, you should have a friend purchase or use crypto payment—this is easy and you don't need to trust that we have avoided saving your information.

All of this relates to only collecting your payment information. But for your actual DNA test results, the answer is much more clear. does not receive or know anything about your test results. Only the laboratory knows. And the laboratory agrees to follow our strict (i.e. includes cash penalties) requirements for donor data safety. Read more about that at

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