Biosample Permission Token with Non-Fungible Tokens

A new model for tracking permissions using established blockchain standards, and an application for biosample data, is introduced.

Read More Invests $50,000 Into Blockchain-Based COVID-19 Testing App, the company behind EOSIO (EOS), issued a $50,000 grant to Genobank for its open-source app on April 29

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Can We Control The Use Of Our DNA?

Daniel Uribe the co-founder and CEO of was invited to discuss his work at The Irish Tech New Podcast next to Jilian Godsil, an award winning journalist, broadcaster and author. The aim of the Tech News Podcast is to cover innovation, startups, green tech, entrepreneurs, clean tech and tech with the mission to help our planet.

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Comed y unen esfuerzos contra la falsificación de resultados de pruebas COVID19 usando Blockchain

Conforme la pandemia ha avanzado y hemos rebasado distintas metas para lograr un desempeño mucho más efectivo, se ha mostrado ciertas fallas en nuestros sistemas de seguridad sanitaria. De lo que estoy hablando es nada más y nada menos que de las pruebas de COVID-19 falsificadas.

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COVID-19 Vaccine Authenticity Token Using a Public Blockchain

How we can deliver safe and authentic vaccines, and allow patients to lead normal lives when they are immune to COVID-19. Secure immunization information systems.

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Daniel Uribe CEO (Republic)

CEO Daniel Uribe message for investors Crowdfunding Campaign 2020

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Daniel Uribe | blockchain & genética de la salud

Daniel es un emprendedor serial, especialista en ciberseguridad e inversor ángel en blockchain. Es exalumno de Stanford y Singularity University.

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Daniel Uribe, Finding Faith in Science, and Humanity

My motivation for founding Genobank is much more than creating a sustainable business. Genobank is mission driven, with our aim being to provide humanity with access to and control over their DNA.

Read More Invests $50K For Developing COVID-19 Testing App

The company behind EOSIO, invests $50,000 grant as the Genobank announced at the start of this month saying that the app, Agerona

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Decentralized Biospecimen governance using Blockchain

Welcome to the future of biospecimen decentralized ownership and governance using non-fungible-tokens (NFTs) based on #ERC721. Blockchain is now being used to personalize biospecimen collection and distribution allowing donors to determine how their specimens will be used in research.

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Did your health records get hacked yet?

5 reasons how helps prevent with future hacks

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EOS Nation Infrastructure Improvements, EOS VC Grants, EOSIO Challenge Winner, EOS Lost Keys & More!

Our mission is to secure EOSIO blockchains with reliable infrastructure and to build a global community empowered with the tools and resources to thrive. We’re committed to leading and contributing to projects that add value to the ecosystem.

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GDPR compliant secure encrypted sharing of genomic data using Blockchain technology

A new model for tracking permissions using established blockchain standards, and an application for biosample data, is introduced.

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Genobank Closes In On Half a Million Dollars in Equity Crowdfunding at Republic — who claim they are the first-ever anonymous, privacy-preserving DNA extraction kit — has reached $418,000 in crowdfunding from over 1,400 investors around the world

Read More And The Government of the State of Quintana Roo Partner and the government of the State of Quintana Roo will now be working together using the Avalanche platform to verify the authenticity of COVID-19 results to combat test fraud.

Read More Becomes Exclusive Blockchain Provider for MDS

In just a matter of weeks we’ve been able to supply 2,000 COVID-19 tests per week on the blockchain and are anticipating growth in the next coming months.

Read More is Proud to Announce a Partnership with Bustamante Lab is proud to announce a partnership with Bustamante Lab, a new research and development laboratory in Hialeah

Read More Partners with is partnering with and a network of laboratories based in Mexico City, Mexico. Both companies are tackling concerns raised over fake Covid tests and lack of standardized controls.

Read More (Beta) Technology Preview

Please join our beta technology preview on how enables users establish ownership and control over their Biosamples using a traceable Non-fungible-token (NFT) or a 'Biosample Consent Token'.

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Meet the Drapers | Vivoo, Hearo.Live, and with Naveen Jain & Grant Cardone

Tim, Bill, and Polly Draper are back to find investment-worthy companies. Special guest include judges: Naveen Jain, founder and CEO of Viome and Grant Cardone.

Read More & Laboratory/Biobank Memorandum of Understanding

This document is a sample agreement that and a laboratory/biobank would execute so as to enable processing of an pseudonymous donor’s biometric information/biosamples

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Nimedix Partnership Announcement is proud to announce a partnership with NiMEDix, a Nigerian based blockchain/AI company looking to bridging the gap in remittances, promoting collaboration and partnerships, diversification of healthcare funding and creating access to healthcare services. "

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The Pros and Cons of California's Digital COVID-19 Vaccine Record

This weekend, California just announced a new initiative to allow residents to digitize their COVID-19 vaccine records. This article reviews this initiative, the underlying technology and how it affects you.

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Update: Raises Nearly $435,000 Through Republic Funding Round

Incognito and encrypted DNA extraction kit brand,, has successfully raised nearly $435,000 in funding through its crowdfunding round on Republic.

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What happens when your DNA and Genetic Data goes on the Blockchain?

The battle of legitimate authority and control over genomicsdata introduces a substantial legal andcomputational burden on data privacy.

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